Expansion from Vietnam to Asia,
one website at a time

Through the system development business, we will expand the scale of business in Asia. We provide an oppotunity for many people to feel a connection to Vietnam, and we have created a company that is invested in Vietnam and the next generation.


  • Offshore Development

    At VCC, we have carried out system development projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 2010. The development of Asia and commissioned contract development has been our main business. Not only as a subcontractor of development, we have received support from many companies as a company that can take action than anywhere and make your business project a success.

  • Lab Development Services

    So far we have assisted many of our customers with our lab development services. In Vietnam, where cost-performance is great, lab development is possible. In the success of the introduction of lab development, new business flow and other factors can be thoroughly managed from before the start of the process. Communication within the team during the emergence of the project is key. So far we have had success in a number of lab development projects, and we are working to improve the cost performance.

  • Creative Business

    It is possible for us to do work in such areas such as UI application design, website design, video and animation production. Some of these productions are multilingual, and this type of service can be deployed to the Southeast Asian market. As for our production services, it is possible for us to work with various languages, especially Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and other Asian languages.

VCC has extensisve experience in lab development

VCC has extensisve experience in lab development

Through developers that have over 10 years of experience to developers just starting out, we strive to run a company with good balance and organization. With lab development as the axis, we maintain a staff that can develop web systems and mobile applications. With more than five years of experience as a development company, and trading performance with over 50 companies, we have achieved an overwhelmingly great cost performance in Ho Chi Minh City.

VCC can create a development system to meet your needs

VCC can create a development system to meet your needs

Our development systems vary based on the environments in and outside of the company. At VCC, we put in much effort searching for the ideal ways that we can serve our customers, through communication systems, development systems, lab development, or offshore development. For our communication systems we use ChatWork, Skype, and Slack. For task management we use Redmine and Backlog. For source code management we use Subversion, Git, Github, Backlog, and Bitbucket. We've set up systems that enable us to smoothly link up with our customer's already existing daily operations. And what's more, we also put in great efforts to be able to communicate in real-time regarding development when we are outsourcing work to Japan's numerous software companies.

VCC can create a development system to meet your needs


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Tran Trong Hieu

Tran Trong Hieu

After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, he began work as a developer at a Ho Chi Minh software development company.After that, he worked as a bridge SE at Vietnamese and Japanese companies, accumulating 4 years of work experience at systems development companies in Nihonbashi and Tamachi in Tokyo.Following that, he returned to Vietnam and gained experience as a project manager for a Vietnamese development company.In 2011 he assisted in the planning and development of Asia Creative Consulting Inc, and also created Vietnam Creative Consulting Co., Ltd, and became its president. Programming languages known: PHP, Java, VB.NET, C, VC++. Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle.

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    Project Manager

    Ngo Quang Thang

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    Lam Hien

  • Maki Amata
    Project Manager

    Ryouji Tamura


Offshore development, LABO development, software development,
application development, creative production


Address:TS Building 6F 17, Street No 2, Cu Xa Do Thanh, ward 4, district 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tel:+84 838326737
Business:Offshore development, LABO development, software development, application development, creative production
Year Established:2012
CEO:Tran Trong Hieu
Staff:35 employees (33 Vietnamese, 2 Japanese) 18 PHP developers, 4 iOS developers, 6 Android developers, 2 interpreters, 2 business managers and 3 employees on the management team